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2.4G Touching RGBW LED Strip RF Controller
Item No.: FSL-CL2.4G-RGBW
Frequency: 2.4G
Input voltage: 12V/24V DC
Max. output current: 6A/CH

Dimension: 85*45*23mm
Polarity: common anode
For LED RGBW LED Strip light or LED Module

2.4G Touching RGBW LED Strip RF Controller
Item No.: FSL-CL2.4G-RGBW


Controller Size: 85x45x23mm
Working voltage: DC12V-24V
controller way: R G B W four channels
Max load per channel: 6A
Output connection: Common anode
Telecontrol distance: 30 meters
Programs: 20 kinds
Remote Size: 110x52x20mm
Power: AAA Battery*2pcs
Material: ABS
Fabrication processing: Multi color printing & UV varnish


LED RGBW Controller is adopting the most advanced PWM control technology, controlling all RGBW led products with Five lines and four circuits( common anode),owning 640 thousand colors and 20 automatically changing modes to choose.

Also, It has the memory function(that is to say, the previous settings will be resumed when power on again). It is widely used in led RGBW LED strip light, led module and so on. 


Package of LED RGB Controller:

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