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DC5V 30 LEDs/M LPD6803 Individually Addressable Led Digital Strip Light

1. 30LEDs/M,LPD6803 IC;
 One LPD6803 IC control ONE LED Chip
3. Strip can be cut one by one led chip.
 Note: Power supply or controller not include
 Each LED is individually addressable

DC5V 30 LEDs/M LPD6803 Individually Addressable Led Digital Strip Light


Every LED Chip Is Individually Addressable

Item No. FSL-6803IC30L-5V
Working Voltage: DC 5V
Led Type: SMD5050 RGB
Led QTY: 30leds/M
IC Type: LPD8806
IC Qty 30pcs/m
Waterproof IP grade: IP65/ IP67/ Non-waterproof
PCB Color:  White/ Black 
Emitting Color: Multi-color
Power Consumption: 10W/M
Grey scale: 32
Working With:  FSL-CL5V-SD Controller

Dream color LED Strip:

Match controller can appear colorful raindrop/flow water/in waves/twinkle flash and so on hundreds of lighting effect, you can also edit animation effect by Coreldraw/Flash/LedEdit software.

To create the flexible LED Display
To create the LED curtain
Widely used in furniture, automotive, advertising, lighting, ships and home decoration industries.

Installation Notice:
1) Make sure the connection is correct according to the diagram
2) Pay attention to the parameters limit of voltage. DO NOT run over the peak value
3) Keep the surface of installation clean and smooth avoid breaking off
the installation must pay attention to the light of the signal lines and data lines must strictly correspond to the controller signal lines and data lines.

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