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New Designed Mini LED RGB Amplifier
Item No.:FSL-MiAmplifier-03
Voltage: 5-24V DC

.Easy to install, Good functions
CE & Rohs Certificate


Product Name: New Designed Mini LED RGB Amplifier 03
Item No.:FSL-MiAmplifier-03
Efficiency: >97%
Working Voltage: 5-24V DC
Output current: 10A/ 15A
Rising Edge Time Shift: <4Us
Falling Edge Time Shift: <3Us
Protection Function: Wrong wiring / Overload / Short circuit / Over heat
IP Grade: IP-63/ IP-68
Components & PCB SMD parts / 4-layer FR-4 PCB
Certificate: CE / RoHS

Power & LED Connector:
Power Connector: AWG16 Red - Black cable
LED Input Connector: AWG22 Flat cable
LED Output Connector: AWG18 Flat cable
Main unit: 87x21x8.5mm, Remote: 40x86x6.5mm
Cable Length: 150mm


Advantage of Mini LED RGB Amplifier:
1. It makes long LED strip implementation much more conveniently
2. The slim design make it easy to install together with strip or cables even in a very narrow space.
3. Its output power is up to 144W and built with wrong wiring protection. it is your best choice in LED strip amplifiers.

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